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Updated statement from MRL as of 1830 – June 25

Transloading of the sodium hydrosulfide car nearest the river has been completed successfully and the car will be re-railed and moved to a secure location. This process entails moving the contents from one rail car to another rail car or truck. We are aware of reports of globs of asphalt appearing down river that may be associated with the derailment and we will proactively investigate and sample this material. Water quality sampling is being performed by a contractor on behalf of Montana Rail Link with oversight by Montana DEQ and EPA. Preliminary results do not show petroleum hydrocarbons or sulfur[…..]

Updated statement from MRL as of 0930 – June 25

Site work and remediation began Saturday evening and continues. Track repairs have been made enabling access to begin cleanup of the affected cars. Transloading of the sodium hydrosulfide car closest to the river is underway this morning. The car remains safely out of the water and there has been no release involving this material. We continue to closely monitor all releases involving molten sulfur and asphalt and mitigating any impacts to the site and surrounding area. Both of these substances harden and solidify quickly when interacting with water and modeling suggests that significant downstream movement of material is unlikely. Active[…..]

Updated statement from MRL as of 1500 – June 24

Initial assessment indicates compromised rail cars contained molten sulfur and asphalt.  Both substances solidify rapidly when exposed to cooler temperatures. Two cars carrying sodium hydro sulfate are also included in the consist. Neither of these cars have entered the water and initial air quality assessments have been performed and confirmed that there is no release event associated with those two cars. The present focus of operations is safely responding to the emergency, controlling all releases and mitigating impacts.  Throughout the response MRL will work with local, state and federal partners to assess impacts to natural resources and to develop appropriate[…..]

Initial statement from MRL – June 24

This morning, at approximately 6:45 a.m. MDT, a portion of a train traveling westbound near Reed Point derailed while traversing a bridge over the Yellowstone. The train crew is safe and no injuries have been reported. There are several cars in the river and the consist makeup did include several hazmat cars. The cause of the derailment is currently under investigation with MRL personnel and first responders onsite. DES and NRC have been notified. The safety of our employees and the public remains our top priority. We are committed to addressing any potential impacts to the area as a result[…..]