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Updated statement from MRL as of 0930 – June 25

Site work and remediation began Saturday evening and continues. Track repairs have been made enabling access to begin cleanup of the affected cars. Transloading of the sodium hydrosulfide car closest to the river is underway this morning. The car remains safely out of the water and there has been no release involving this material. We continue to closely monitor all releases involving molten sulfur and asphalt and mitigating any impacts to the site and surrounding area. Both of these substances harden and solidify quickly when interacting with water and modeling suggests that significant downstream movement of material is unlikely. Active water quality sampling began yesterday and will be ongoing throughout the incident.  We continue to work closely with MT DEQ, EPA, and other local, state, and federal partners in our cleanup, removal and restoration efforts as a unified command. Montana Rail Link remains committed to addressing any potential impacts to the area as a result of this incident.