Real Estate – Assignment & Sublease

Assignment and Sublease Real Estate

IF YOU ARE A CURRENT MONTANA RAIL LINK TENANT selling your business to another entity or are changing the ownership of your business, you must complete the Assignment/Sublease Application set forth below prior to the effective date of the transaction. You should also use that application for name change requests.

All assignments are governed by your individual agreement language and must first be approved in writing by MRL. Any changes in ownership or name must be accompanied by legal documentation to support your request. Please note that some agreements may not be assignable. In such cases, a new or revised agreement may be provided.


There are specific instructions relating to each type of land lease or license service request. Please reference the page regarding the service you require for details. Below are the general instructions necessary for every service application and request.

  1. APPLICATION FORM: You must submit a fully completed Application Form. Please retain a copy for your records.
  2. APPLICATION FEES: Any application fees must be paid at the time of submission of your application. All fees are non-refundable. Please make your check or money order payable to Montana Rail Link, Inc.
  3. EXHIBIT/SKETCH: An exhibit representing the location of the proposed lease property, with dimensions, should be attached to your application. See the sample Exhibit provided below for an example of what this item should look like and the kind of information it should include.
  4. LOCATION MAP: A general location map of the property must also accompany your application. Examples include such data as county highway maps with the location marked, USGS topographical maps with the location marked, or applicable county tax maps with the area highlighted, etc. The proposed leased or licensed property should be highlighted. Please indicate which direction is north.
  5. INSURANCE: Insurance requirements for utilization of railroad property must be met. Please contact us for more information.

Processing of your application requires MRL management review and approval and may involve several departments at MRL. Please plan and allow for approximately six months to process your application.

The proposed site may not be used prior to the execution of a formal agreement with MRL.

An exhibit/sketch of the proposed leased property, with dimensions, should accompany all applications. Any planned improvements on the property, with dimensions from the nearest track, should also be depicted. To the right is an example of what the sketch might look like and some of the dimensions it could include.

Try to provide as many details or landmarks that identify the premises as possible. Mileposts generally exist along every mile of the railroad and are similar in appearance to the mile markers found along interstates. If you have a GPS (Global Positioning System), please include property latitude and longitude.

Exhibit Sketch Diagram


There is a non-refundable $600.00 application fee for review of this application. Please plan and allow for approximately six months to process your service request.

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