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"The safety of our employees and the people in the communities we serve is our top priority - nothing else even comes close." -Tom Walsh, MRL President

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Quick Answers...

General Questions

Does MRL offer passenger service?

No – MRL ships freight only.  Ultimately, Amtrak decides when and where
passenger rail service occurs, and this applies to the State of Montana and Montana Rail Link as well. 
For passenger service in Montana, contact Amtrak at 800-872-7245 or

Where are you located?

Montana Rail Link’s primary offices are located at 101 International Drive in Missoula, Montana.  For our mailing address and other contact details, please visit our Contact page. We have many other locations across our over 900 mile line. 

Employment Questions

How do I get a job with Montana Rail Link?

Visit our Careers section to learn of any open positions and apply.

Are you currently hiring?

If we have any positions available, they will be listed in the Careers section under Current Position Openings.

Did you receive my employment application?

You are welcome to contact us to inquire about the status of your application.

Can I submit my application and resume in person?

No - your application and resume can only be submitted through our website if there is a current opening in the Careers section under Current Position Openings. You are welcome to contact us if you need assistance.

Shipping Questions

Do you ship personal effects (household goods, automobiles, etc…..)?

In line with the BNSF Railway, MRL does not ship personal effects.  The railroads handled this sort of move in past years, but this was discontinued.

Your railroad runs right by my place of business. Can I load (or receive) railcars right here by my business?

The main line of the railroad is rarely used to load or unload any railcars.  To be rail served, a business needs to have access to an approved siding or be served by a spur track. 

I am interested in shipping or receiving by rail, what are my first steps?

First - tell us a few of the details on our Getting Started page.  Second - feel free to contact one of our Sales & Marketing Managers to address specific questions that you may have.

How much does it cost to ship from Point A to Point B?

MRL Sales & Marketing Managers are ready to gather information about your proposed move and get the process started on developing a rail rate.  While some rates may be readily available, others may require a more detailed and involved approach to develop a rate.

I am not rail served.  Can I still ship or receive by rail?

Yes - you can.  Contact our Sales & Marketing staff to find a transload facility or rail access near you. 

How do I calculate railroad mileage?

Use the Mileage Inquiries tool

I don’t ship full railcar quantities.  Can I ship a partial rail load?

Rail shipping partial loads is seldom economical and not encouraged as a standard shipping method.  However, MRL Logistics is ready to handle your less-than-carload transportation.  To get your questions answered, please contact us.

Real Estate Questions

Do you have any railroad ties available for sale? 

MRL does not sell used ties to the general public. Please contact Montana Railroad Services at 406-962-9100.

What is a Railroad Milepost, and how are they figured?

Milepost markers are similar to highway mile markers and can be identified from a physical inspection of the property. Generally speaking, railroad mileposts are one mile the full answer

Do I need permission to park on or use railroad property?

Yes - railroad property is private property. The railroad has every right to control and monitor use and access. Any unauthorized use of railroad property is trespassing. If you witness any unauthorized use of railroad property, please contact us.

Do I need to be the adjacent land owner in order to lease railroad right of way?

No - MRL does give preference to the adjacent land owner, however you don't need to be the adjacent land owner in order to lease the right of way.

Who is responsible for fencing a leased area?

The lease holder.  As the lessee, you are responsible for maintaining and installing any fences necessary to control access to the site or any livestock you place on site.

Who is responsible for controlling the weeds on a leased site?

The lessee is responsible for all weed control within the boundaries of the lease area.

Can I have a driveway across the tracks or running parallel to the tracks?

For safety reasons there are many details involved with this type of access.  More information...

If you have additional questions or need further information, please contact us.